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Teaser Preview.
This web Series explores the what, who, when, where, and why questions you may be asking about Listen to Dis' Community Arts Organization!

Episode 1: What is Listen to Dis'?
In Episode 1, we introduce some of the people involved with Listen to Dis' and share the mandate, mission and values of the organization.

Episode 2: Why LTD'?
In Episode 2, members tell their personal stories, detailing the why and the how of the organization’s importance to them.

Episode 3: LTD': The Beginning.

In Episode 3, We discuss the origin of the story of Listen To Dis’, from early workshops and performances to being a leader in disability art.

Episode 4: Barriers.

In episode 4, members discuss the barriers that prevent them from creating art outside of Listen to Dis’.

Episode 5: What is Disability Culture?

In episode 5, LTD’ artists discuss the often misunderstood concept of disability as a culture.

Episode 6: Listen to Dis' VOICE.
In episode 6, we discuss the story of LTD’s foundational community art programming, its development and sustainability after a decade plus.

Episode 7: Why Theatre?
In episode 7, LTD’ members and visiting artists speak to why theatre is such an important tool for their voices.

Episode 8: Neither Heroes nor Ordinary People.
In episode 8, members discuss the background of The Other Ordinary's first production, a play about what it's like to live with a disability in the contemporary world.

Episode 9: Mine to Have.
In episode 9, members discuss the background of Mine to Have: Sensuality and Circumstances, a production of the right people with disabilities have to live in their body as sensual and sexual beings.

Episode 10: LTD' Touring.
In episode 10, we discuss the process that goes into holding Canada's only touring disability theatre company, lessons learned, and feature testimonials from those who have brought LTD's artists in to entertain and educate.

Episode 11: Future Plans.
In episode 11, members discuss the future plans of the organization and the eventual goal of being inter-provincial and, eventually, national.

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