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The Dripping Honeys

Based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, The Dripping Honeys is the Listen to Dis' musical ensemble that currently consists of
Ammanda Zelinski on lead vocals, Jason Yuen on piano/vocals, Emil Schmuck on harmonica/vocals, Finn Burke on bass/vocals, and Ed Peck on drums/percussion. Ed also acts as the musical director of the group. 

Started in 2018 as the accompanying band during our Globe Theatre Sandbox Series production of Mine to Have, the group has continued to rehearse and perform together at events such as Best Summer Ever (Saskatoon), The re-opening of Darke Hall (Regina), retirement and senior homes around Regina during the holiday season of 2022, and they did a tour of La Ronge, Pinehouse Lake, and Prince Albert in the June of 2023.

The band currently consists of neurodivergent artists. We are proud to show through our programming such as this band that neurodiversity and disability doesn't prevent people from being professional artists.

If you would like to have The Dripping Honeys play at your event, click the button below.

To see if The Dripping Honeys have a performance coming up near you, click below to view our Performances and Events page.

[Image Description: (L-R) Emil Schmuck, Ammanda Zelinski, Ed Peck, Finn Burke, and Jason Yuen rehearsing in a room with grey carpet and light yellow walls. Ammanda is standing and has their right arm in the air while the rest of the band is sitting and playing their instruments. End ID.]

Photo Credit: Gabriela Garcia-Luna.

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