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ID: A parade of a large group of vibrantly dressed people. The people in the front of the group have white feather boas around their neck and red clown noses on their faces. End ID.


The organization grew out of the success of a number of projects, programs and performances that were developed and facilitated under the guidance of Traci Foster, during her ten year exploration within the disability community; including her three-year term as the Artist in Residence at the South Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre and Common Weal Community Arts Inc.

Listen To Dis’ VOICE ensemble, The Other Ordinary theatre collective, and the musical ensemble The Dripping Honeys are products of that growth.

Listen to Dis' VOICE

\With programming dating back to 2006, Listen to Dis' VOICE built the foundation of the organization. The group meets weekly at The Artesian or by joining in using Zoom to create art and community together. The group welcomes any and all. Click below for more details about how you can get involved

**The program is currently at capacity and is not accepting any more members.***

ID: Almost a birds eye image of a group of people sitting in chairs and wheelchairs around a upright piano. The floor is wooden. End ID.

The Other Ordinary

What started as a group of University of Regina students coming together for a class way back in 2015 has morphed into one of Canada's only touring crip theatre companies. This team of emerging professional disabled artists has toured throughout Saskatchewan and produced two sold-out shows: Neither Heroes nor Ordinary People; and Mine to Have: Sensuality and Circumstances

ID: People standing and sitting in wheelchairs wearing black, white, and brown leopard print. They are in a dark theatre with dark curtains behind them, with a dark floor beneath them, and a projection screen behind them with blue light on it. End ID.

The Dripping Honeys

Started in 2018 as the accompanying band during our Globe Theatre Sandbox Series production of Mine to Have, the group has continued to rehearse and perform together at events around the province since.

ID: A group of five people rehearsing in a room with grey carpet and light yellow walls. The singer is standing holding a mic on a mic stand while the rest of the band is sitting and playing their instruments. End ID.

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