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The Community

At least one in five people in Regina will be directly impacted by disability at some point in their life. Listen To Dis’ believes it is essential that the voice, the viewpoint, and the experience of people living with varied abilities inform how disability is represented in the arts scene and elsewhere.

People living with disabilities – visible and invisible – often experience barriers to participation in life – including arts and culture programming. These barriers include physical barriers due to inaccessible spaces, such as buildings without wheelchair access, financial barriers due to arts programming that is too costly for those on fixed or low incomes from attending, barriers to participation because of transportation challenges, and psychological barriers due to organizers and participants being unfamiliar with how to meet the need of participants with varied abilities and needs. Listen To Dis Community Arts Organization Inc. works together with the community to insure a more inclusive future by educating and connecting the broader community.

Vision Statement

Through creation, performance and authentic expression, we weave new realities for ourselves and others – shifting the way people perceive disability – creating understanding and respect.

* Bottom right photo from Daniel Paquet Photography

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