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Disability Audits

“There is no justice without access.”

Listen To Dis’ Community Arts Organization is Saskatchewan’s first and only disability-led arts organization. From 2006 through today, we have been interrupting radically harmful biases about what it’s like to be disabled through art, education, engagement, and discussion.

Facilitated primarily by Traci Foster and John Loeppky, Disability Audits are a process created to support a clear understanding of what access and inclusion is from the disability cultural perspective, and how to begin aligning and creating access within both yourself and your organization.
The process is built on listening, consultation, and presentation.

“In the need for accessibility and inclusion, our broken bodies (and brains) are not the problem. It’s what goes on in our minds and how we use them.”

 The audits are facilitated within three individual phases:

Phase One: Internal and External Access: intimate access from the inside out

Phase Two: Communication and Digital Access: there is no access without entry

Phase Three: Shifting Culture: the dirty work of a clean conscience for our future

Each phase is a five-hour process over a four-week period or could be provided as a full day professional development session.

The Disability Audit is offered as an online digital program through Zoom.

Disability Audits will be scheduled annually March - May and September - November.

Program Fee: $1500.00 per phase

Reduced rates are available to accommodate smaller organizations.


Email us to inquire about receiving a disability audit or if you have any questions about this program.

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