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Listen To Dis’ VOICE

This community group which consists of different people with both visible and invisible disabilities meets once a week to explore different art forms that involve using and developing the voice. The program is mostly facilitated by our artistic director Traci Foster but guest artists are occasionally brought in to bring in different skills and practices.
The group strives to become a recognized multidisciplinary performance company.
Programming occurs every Monday from 6pm to 8:30pm at our home base, Artesian on 13th (2627 13th Avenue) or members can participate from online via Zoom.

***The program is currently at capacity and is not accepting any more members.***

Email for more information. 

“My caregiver had tears in her eyes at our fundraiser. [Listen to Dis’] got me out and doing things. I was so mad about my accident for years, but then Dis’ Voice let me open up.”

Kim Burns - LTD. Member

Credit: Daniel Paquet Photography 

Above is episode 6 of our web series "Us Too". The episode discusses the story of Listen to Dis’s foundational community art programming called Listen to Dis' VOICE and its development and sustainability after a decade plus. 

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